Corner Brook woman refused cancer screening – Health – CBC News

Corner Brook woman refused cancer screening – Health – CBC News.

Corner Brook woman refused cancer screening

Told she can’t have mammography if she doesn’t have a family doctor

Posted: Dec 7, 2011 8:27 AM ET

Last Updated: Dec 7, 2011 4:43 PM ET

Laura Lavers was denied a mammogram because she does not have a family doctor. Laura Lavers was denied a mammogram because she does not have a family doctor. (CBC)

A Corner Brook woman is speaking out after she was told she couldn’t receive breast cancer screening because she doesn’t have a family doctor.

Laura Lavers said she couldn’t believe what she heard when she showed up for a scheduled mammography exam.

“They told me they can’t give me the exam because I didn’t have a family doctor,” she said.

The policy dictates women who don’t have a family doctor can’t receive a mammogram.

“That’s a provincial policy,” said Dr Ken Jenkins, a vice president of Western Health.

Lavers says she’s in a high-risk group.

“I had just turned 51 and my sister got breast cancer at 51,” she said.

This year her family doctor moved away, so when she went for a screening test this year she was turned away and told the results of her exam must be sent to a family doctor who would then give them to her.

As of Tuesday, Western Health has arranged for a doctor to do follow-up so women without a family doctor can get mammograms.

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This is very interesting and unveils the true heartlessness of the Canadian system. Having worked in both the US and Canada as a physician, I have seen FAR more denial of care in Canada than I have in the US. Come to think of it, in ten years in the US, I have yet to see ANYONE turned down for care! The US system definitely has its warts but as a patient, I’ll take it hands down over the Canadian system any day.
Mammograms are the one test in radiology that we do that DOES NOT REQUIRE A PHYSICIAN REFERRAL at least in Minnesota. Why? Because every woman between the age of 40 and 80 needs one yearly. It doesn’t take a family doctor to figure this out. This is not true for any other imaging test.

Mammograms do NOT need a prescription in MN? How about in Canada, or in other states? Can any woman go in and get one at any time? I certainly could understand of insurance companies only covered one per year UNLESS a certain woman is deemed by her doctor to be high risk.

In Minnesota, a doctor’s referral is not needed for mammography. I do not know about other states. The notion that government provides health care in Canada is a fallacy. Health care would exist in Canada without government. By having government pay for it and administer it, they have a vested interest in suppressing the amount of health care that is delivered. Whether or not the lady in the article could have access to a mammogram would be a non-issue if government wasn’t in charge.

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