Video of the Week: Art Astorino, MD on Diagnosing the Problem with American Medicine

This is an exellent presentation by Art Astorino, MD, the President and founder of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine,  on “Diagnosing the Problem with American Medicine”, which he does accurately. Stay tuned for the 2nd video offering his “cure” for the “disease” that is ailing our medical system.  

Note: Dr. Astorino’s presentation is missing a short segment beginning at 14:30 into the video due to a technical issue with the audio feed. You can read the missing section’s text here:

“Thus, medical care when you are older, will be the responsibility of government. Thus government wrongly established medical care as a right for certain segments of the population. How does the government secure this right? Financially it set up what would be compared to an illegal Ponzi scheme in the private sector that taxes our children and grandchildren to pay for our Medical Care as we age. In addition, the politicians promised to have no control over the doctors or over their methods of patient care. All they want to do is pay the bills. “So what happened to medical spending with the implementation of these programs?”

A “cost plus” payment system was set up that gave hospitals an incentive to purchase equipment, build new wings, and develop new treatments without regard to cost. The more costs a hospital incurred the more money they received. Costs skyrocketed with the underlying principle being that everyone is entitled to the best medical care that exists regardless of cost, how could it not?”

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