Video of the Week: Keith Smith,MD at an October 13th Congressional Meeting Speaking About How the Free Market Has Worked For Oklamhoma Surgery Center

On October 13th,  Keith Smith,MD attended a congressional meeting to tell Rep. Marsha Blackburn and staffers about his experience with free market health care at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Since the surgery center opened in 1997, it has been their policy to be open, up front, and honest about their prices, which is a breath of fresh air because most medical facilities will bill you charge master rates that are much higher than the actual paid rates. Despite charging about 80% less than other hospitals in the area,  the Surgery Center of Oklahoma makes a profit proving that the free market is a win-win answer for the medical industry and patients alike.

“We’ve never taken a dime of government money, so I’m not in Washington asking for anything; I’m just delivering a message,” he said. “We’re an example of how the free market can work.”

“I’ve never been more excited about the practice of medicine than I am now.”


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