MediTalk Podcast: Special Guest Elaina George, MD and AAPS Annual Meeting Recap with Lee Kurisko, MD and Ralph Weber…Who is REALLY Benefiting From ObamaCare and Free Market Solutions


Last night’s MediTalk was hosted by Ralph Weber and Lee Kurisko, MD, with special guest Elaina George, MD on free market medicine.  MediTalk started out with recapping Dr. Kurisko’s AAPS 2011 Annual Meeting presentation on why ObamaCare will make Canadian health care look like the model of efficiency.  The average waiting time for a Canadian to see a specialist for a consultation is 17.3 weeks, 16% of the Canadian population has no access to primary care with some areas much worse than that, (the U.S. currently has an uninsured population smaller than this even without excluding those that are uninsured by choice and illegal immigrants), there are long waiting lists to actually see a family Doctor, for example, 5 years for new patients in Dr. Kurisko’s home town of Ontario. Dr. Kurisko firmly believes conditions will be worse under ObamaCare as it is estimated that it will drive approximately 40% of physicians out of business, while increasing the demand for physicians as approximately 35 million more Americans will have insurance coverage, not to mention ObamaCare’s complexity and increased bureaucratic regulation compared to Canadian health care. 

Ralph Weber MediBid CEO
Ralph Weber

Ralph Weber also recapped his AAPS 2011 annual meeting presentation on how using insurance with high deductibles will actually save you money, and discussed how Obamacare regulations will benefit insurance companies as they are not limited in the amount they can increase premiums, (wich will be inevitable to accommodate the fact they cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions). He also talks about how increasing 7,800 CPT codes to 14o,ooo ICD10 codes will not only increase administrative costs for physicians while reimbursements are being decreased particularly by medicare and Medicaid, (both of which already reimburse at rates lower than what is costs to care for a patient), it  will increase revenue for the AMA and make it easier for physicians to unintentionally make mistakes that could be misconstrued as fraud leaving government with no obligation to pay for care already given, (which is one of the ways that ObamaCare plans on covering costs). The most important point he makes is how none of the new regulations help improve care for patients.   


Special guest, Elaina George, MD, joined MediTalk and continued the conversation about the reality of ObamaCare, her passion to educate people on the current state of health care so that they help be a part of changing things for the better instead of going along with what is currently being implemented, and the free market solution for improving the medical system. Dr. George’s interest in the politics of health care and the reform effort has led her to become both a powerful voice for the practicing physician and an advocate for the patient. She is a contributor to a wide variety of websites including and Dr. George is a regular guest on The Michael Baisden Show, a nationally syndicated show with over 10 million listeners, providing medical expertise. She has also been a medical expert on a range of shows including Liberty Talk Radio and The Chuck Wilder Show. Dr. George hosts her own show, Medicine On Call, a weekly talk show that explores health issues and the politics of medicine.


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