Video of the Week: Herman Cain: “I would be dead now if ObamaCare were in effect”

During last night’s GOP Presidential Debates, Herman Cain commented on his miraculous recovery from stage 4 colon and liver cancer despite a 30% chance of survival. He credits his survival to being able to quickly proceed through treatment, and how had he been seeking cancer treatments under ObamaCare, he would have spent so much time breaking though the bureaucratic red tape he would not have survived.

“My surgeons and doctors have told me that because I was able to get treatment as fast as I could based on my time-table, not the governments time-table, that’s what saved my life because I only had a 30% chance of survival and now I’m here 5 years cancer free.” ~Herman Cain

Sadly, examples of what Caine is talking about can be seen in other countries with socialized medicine. In March 2011, former NHS director and mayor, Margaret Hutchon, died at her own hospital, (Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex), after having a follow-up stomach operation canceled four times in 9 months. In order to escape the universal health care system he created, Boris Yeltztin not only used American trained physicians, he had 90-year-old renowned Heart Surgeon, Dr. DeBakey fly in from TX to supervise the heart surgery Russian doctors said he would not survive. When one of two Canadian Premiers caught sneaking into the US for healthcare, Danny Williams, was asked to explain why he did it, he said, “I did not sign away my right to get the best possible healthcare for myself when I entered politics. My heart, my choice, and my health.

One response

Medibid has the right idea to create a virtual exchange for medical providers and patients. It is obviously a tool for the health uninsured and the health insurance insured with large deductibles. At the same time requiring the service providers to pay fees to Medibid is a race to the bottom for the service. It is also an issue for those (patients) who want the service to pay fees up front when seeking medical services. The only way for Medibid to become a national – international source for services is a pay to play business strategy. The service needs a national sales-force who would be satisfied with a small fee for promoting the service paid only when the service is used. In essence Medibid might well benefit at reviewing its revenue model so that it is both consumer and provider friendly. I would like it to succeed.

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