Video of the Week: Dr. Lee Hieb’s Presentation on How Government Over-Regulation Hurts Patients


This is a must see video about Dr. Lee Hieb’s Town Hall presentation on how government over-regulation hurts patients. Dr. Hieb is an Orthopeadic and Spinal Surgeon, as well as the president for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. I was shocked at all of the examples she had of government interfering with medicine as it stands today, and how it increases the cost of medicine as well as quality of care for patients. We still have the best health care in the world if we hold everyone else to the same standards as we hold ourselves. We need to fight to keep it that way!

 If you run a small business…when has the government come in and made your job easier and more cost effective? 

 When government starts taking over the vast majority of health care and the bar starts coming down, even the people that can pay to get out of that system wont have that available to them. Equal quality and equal standards means everybody is getting hosed.

The underlying assumption is that you, and I, and all our fellow Americans are too incompetent to sort this out ourselves. For 200 years we took care of ourselves, we took care of our communities, our family, and we helped with charity, but we’re not doing it any more because now the government is telling us how to live and we can’t do it. 



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