MediTalk Podcast: Twila Brase and Dr. Jane Orient Town Hall Recap with Dr. Lee Kurisko

This past Monday night’s MediTalk was fascinating! Thank you to everyone that listened in! Dr. Lee Kurisko and Jeremy Snavely hosted MediTalk and including their own commentary on Twila Brase’s and Dr. Jane Orient’s Doctors and Patients Town Hall Presentations. Although Twila and Dr. Orient spoke about different topics, they both brought up the dangers of electronic data bases.

“The patients best interest is not the focus any more, its about the government collecting  collecting data on people. “ ~Jeremy Snavely

Twila Brase is a full time activist working for the Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom. She gave a presentation at the Doctor’s and Patients Town Hall meeting about what she said is one of the most important hidden issues in the US that is happening in every state: the collection and storage of Baby DNA, with out parental consent or knowledge, for use in genetic research. This started back in the 60’s with the PKU test administered to every baby born in the hospital with a prick to the heal. This DNA is considered a National treasure and state property. Twila said the ultimate goal is to put everyone’s genetic code in their medical record, and use the information for research. In June, the National human Genome research institute announced funding opportunities for researchers with expertise  in conducting genomicresearch using bio-repositories and electronic medical records. With the implementation of the National Electronic Health Records Information System, 2.2 million private entities will have access to this genetic content and to your most private health information. Can you imagine how this could effect individual insurance premiums and coverage if they were to get a hold of this information?


 Its not government property, it’s not public property, its YOUR property. Its very personal and said things about you that you maybe you don’t want to know about you. No body should be able to use it exploit it open it up analyze it peek at it without your informed written consent. Its your and you need to protect it. ~Twila Brase


Jane Orient, MD is the Executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, has been in solo practice of general internal medicine since 1981, and is a clinical lecturer in medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. She presented on how the bureaucratic system is ruining the Patient/ Physician relationship. I posted her presentation last Friday, but it is worth listening to the recap again, not only because her speech is thought provoking, but to hear Dr. Kurisko elaborate on points she makes such as the, “blanket usage of mindless bureaucratic protocol that is telling you how to care for the patient rather than treating the patient as an individual.” His perspective is particularly insightful due to his experience as a Native Canadian.

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