Podcast: Meditalk with Sean Croxton on Personal Empowerment, Fitness, and Health

Monday night on MediTalk, Lee Kurisko, MD interviewed the wildly popular personal trainer, health expert, and founder of Underground Wellness, Sean Croxton.  He noticed as a personal trainer that despite his clients exercising religiously and following the food pyramid guidelines for eating habits, they still gained weight rather than loosing it. He made it his mission to figure out why this was happening and fix it, not just for his clients, but for everyone out there that strives to be healthy. Croxton thinks in terms of inside the box and outside the box. Inside the box is defined as diet and exercise…calories in and calories out. “This box will tell you that you need to lose fat to get healthy,” but Croxton says,  “You need to get healthy to lose fat.” He looks at the entire picture including environmental toxins, stress, digestion, sleep, and the foods we eat. I found this MediTalk to be rather interesting, informative, and thought-provoking in regard to health matters, and I think you will too.

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