Total Thyroidectomy for Graves’ Disease

By Dr. Rosendahl especially for MediBid

ThyroidectomyGraves’ Disease is a not uncommon medical condition wherein the thyroid gland produces excess amounts of thyroid hormone causing significant symptoms and distress to patients. Historically, there are three treatment choices,1) long term treatment with anti thyroid drugs, 2) the use of radiation therapy, and 3) Total thyroidectomy.

Antithyroid medication appeals to some patients because they then get to avoid radiation exposure and they also avoid surgery. Some patients elect to undergo radiation treatment in the hopes of avoiding the risks of taking toxic and potentially very harmful medication, and also to avoid surgery. Finally, many patients choose surgery to avoid the dangers of both the toxic medicine and the exposure to radiation.

The Thyroid Surgery Center of Texas, P.A. is the continuation of a Texas Medical Center practice first started over 62 years ago, and we have been performing total thyroidectomy for Graves’ disease for all that time. Unlike the other treatment options, our recurrence rate is Zero and our complication rate is very close to that number (no surgical treatment plan has a zero complication rate). Our patient satisfaction is virtually 100%.

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A recent article in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons by Haejin In, MD, MBA et al, concludes that Total thyroidectomy is also the least expensive treatment option for many Graves’ Disease patients.

Another recent article from that same Journal by David Feliciano, MD, et al, concludes that “total thyroidectomy offers a rapid and complete cure for Graves’ Disease.”

In summary, Total Thyroidectomy for Graves’ Disease:

  • 1) Offers a complete cure with a recurrence rate of zero.

  • 2) Can be the least expensive of all treatment options.

  • 3) Is certainly the fastest cure.

  • 4) Has an extremely low complication rate (when performed by an expert thyroid surgeon)

  • 5) Avoids the potentially serious risks of  radiation exposure and toxic medicines.

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