texting is hazardous to your health

Texting may be Hazardous to your Health – Walking and Texting Injuries

I just read an article from the eDocAmerica blog that was mostly serious, but part just made me laugh – hazards to your health from texting include “texting while walking injuries.”  No, I’m not kidding.  Read this:

Walking-while-texting injuries: There appears to be a growing trend of injuries and even deaths occurring when people are texting while walking. Distracted walking often results in facial or eye injuries from falling or walking into a signpost or parked car. A study performed at Ohio State University identified over 1,000 emergency rooms visits from pedestrians who tripped, fell, or ran into something after becoming distracted while using a cell phone to talk or text. If repeated today, this 2008 study would almost certainly find a larger number of emergency room visits related to cell phone use while walking. Distracted walking has also resulted in injuries to others through collisions with other pedestrians, bicyclists, or people on rollerblades.

I love it!  1,000 injuries in 2008 in Ohio E.R.’s from texting while walking!  LOL!  I’m terribly sorry to all of those people who were injured for laughing, but to me, this is hysterical.  PUT DOWN THE PHONE or at least stop walking.  I can’t tell you how many near accident’s I’ve had in my car from people texting and talking while driving.  If I hadn’t been paying attention and moved, they wouldn’t be ‘near accidents’ and I find this just so sad.  A local docor that I know had a nephew that was killed by someone distracted by a cell phone that was texting while driving.  The boy’s father was also a doctor, but I can’t claim to have met him (yet!!).  Eric was on his bike on a straight road.  The driver had a full 45 seconds to have seen the boy before hitting and killing him, but didn’t look up and didn’t break. 

On a warm summer’s evening, July 25, 2009, Dr. Robert Okerblom and his son Eric, soon to be a sophomore at UC Berkeley, set a date to go cycling together the next morning. It was to be their first ride together.

Then Eric, his heart set on making the cycling team at the university, set off on a training ride that was to end up at his girlfriend’s home.

At 6:50 p.m., on a country road not far from his home in the central California town of Guadalupe, Eric was hit and killed by a driver going 60 mph. The teenage driver had a mile of visibility and might have avoided hitting Eric, if she hadn’t been texting on her cell phone.

Okerblom will set aside his family physician’s practice for several months to bring the word of the dangers of texting while driving as he pedals across the United States.

Read more about Eric and Dr. Okerblom’s mission to spread the word about texting and driving.


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