Dr. Lee Hieb

MediTalk Podcast – Dr. Hieb – To Restore & Preserve Private Practice in Medicine

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Dr. Lee Hieb

On this edition of MediTalk, our guest was the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons’ President Lee Hieb, M.D.   Dr. Hieb joined AAPS when she realized that other medical societies didn’t have her best interest in mind:

“I used to belong to a number of medical societies. One day I realized that the prime goal of my specialty society was to maintain my specialty’s government reimbursements.”

Dr. Hieb maintains that government in medicine is the cause of increased costs:

“What’s happened in my lifetimes, and I’ve seen it personally, is that as government has gotten involved, and they’ve put on these incredible regulations that cost more money and as you increase the cost you decrease access.


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