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From Knee Replacements to Colonoscopies, Patients Are Now in Control of the Costs – You Can Now Receive Medical Care at Reduced Rates!

From KKHT 100.7 FM: What’s Up With Terry Lowry –

Listen to how to save money on medical careHOUSTON, TEXAS, (KKHT 100.7 FM The Word – February 16, 2011). Simply put does MediBid help a patient that may be located in Texas find a low cost provider, whether that’s the physician or hospital who may be located in Oklahoma or Tennessee, [Texas], West Coast, East Cost, or maybe even around the world – is that the purpose of MediBid – to save the patient money?

This is a discussion about medical costs and ways to save you money. Joining us again is the founder and president of MediBid.com. Friends, you can shop for medical care across states lines. You can Bid, you can quote, you can negotiate – if you are a self-payer or if you belong to a self-funded health insurance program.

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