Free Health Care = Slavery, Rand Paul – Video of the Week

I like one of Rand Paul’s quotes in this video: “You have a right to pursue happiness, but there is really no guarantee of physical comfort.”  He questions if we have a right to food as well, which is something I’ve never really gone into here on the blog.  If we have a right to health care because sick = risk of death, then wouldn’t we also have a right to food?  We can die without food, right? But if we make it a right for everyone, an entitlement, then does that mean we are going to ALL get food vouchers, too?  Where does it end?
The commentator clearly shows his lack of understanding a simple concept, and makes a fool of himself.


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Smug…. and this guy isnt? And yes, I would hoard my money, and products of my efforts. What right does he or anyone else think they have to them?
Statist….can kiss my ass

The most basic political question of all is “who decides?” Do we have ownership of our lives or does some collectivistic “other”? Claiming health care as a “right” implies that we do not own our own lives and that we do not dispose of the products of our labor as we see fit but rather some over-arching ruler whether it be a king or the collective, decides for us. Production derives from freedom, not statism. Government does not produce one iota of health care. Individuals do. Government impedes production, including health care and ultimately reduces the amount that is available.

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