RFE transmitters

Beginning with a spare 7.5-kilowatt transmitter left over from Office of Strategic Services’ operations during World War II, the Radios eventually became one of the most powerful broadcast services in the world. By the mid-1960s, the RFE broadcast site at Gloria, Portugal, and the RL broadcast site at Playa de Pals, Spain, featured multiple 250-kilowatt transmitters that could be linked to produce signals strong enough to overwhelm Soviet jamming. Linking the transmitters, though it produced a powerful signal, was regarded as inefficient, and the Radios preferred to broadcast simultaneously on multiple frequencies in order to outmaneuver the jammers. At the height of RFE/RL operations in the early 1980s, the Radios could boast of a network of forty-five transmitters, with a combined broadcast power of nine million watts.

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