pets and our health

Pets and YOUR Health

pets and our health
Pets do more than help us cut calories by stealing our popcorn

Not only are pets natural mood enhancers (who doesn’t feel better instantly with their pet on their lap??), but there are many other ways pets enhance OUR health. has a great list and slideshow.  Here are a few of my favorites from it:

1. In 15-30 minutes with a pet, the level of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, is lowered. And the production of serotonin, an important chemical associated with well-being, is increased. Reducing stress saves your body a lot of wear and tear.

2. Increased physical activity, which results in lower cholesterol, can come by having a 4-legged exercise buddy.

3. Depression fighters – no one loves you more unconditionally than your pet!

4. More interaction results from owning a pet from the common desire to communicate with other pet owners about your pet.

5. Stronger immune systems can result from growing up with pets at home, fewer allergies, too!

6. Dogs can be trained to alert their owners to drops in blood glucose, and some even do this naturally.  They can also alert for seizures.

7. Help with Autism and ADHD can come from pets through the focus and sensory integration that come from animals.

8. Therapy from body heat is another common benefit from owning a pet.  Some animals are extra warm and can help with arthritis pain and muscle pain. 

See the whole slideshow of pet health here.

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