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Leaving Canada for Medical Care – Fraser Institute

Canadians Travel for Medical CareThe Fraser Institute estimates that 44,794 Canadians will leave Canada for medical care in 2010.  After residual care, Internal Medicine is estimated to have the most patients cross the border.  I’m rather curious how this data was gathered (I know they gather it from physicians, but still…), since I know a lot of people are afraid to claim they ‘jumped the line’ by going out of country and paying cash.  I would guess that the real numbers are much higher.  The folks at Fraser agree with me, “This estimate likely underestimates the actual number of patients who received treatment outside the country that year.”

Read “Leaving Canada for Medical Care” by Nadeem Esmail with the Fraser Institute.

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when there are 850,000 on a waiting list, and 43,000 have to leave the country every year to get medical care it is a problem. I’m sure if you were oe of the 43,000, you’d want to be written about now swept under the carpet

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