Four Commonsense Alternatives to Obamacare

government health care repeal with a free market health care systemMost of you MediBlog readers keep quiet and we see very few comments here on the blog.  Not this time, my friend!  We want to hear what you think!

Congressman Paul Broun blogged his thoughts on 4 commonsense alternatives to Obamacare.  Good, bad or otherwise, what do you think?  What is your alternative to Obamacare?  You know my answer already – open up health care to a FREE MARKET with MediBid!

Written by Paul Broun

Rather than ramming through a 2,700 page unconstitutional, unpopular, and unaffordable piece of legislation, I propose implementing the following incremental changes that the majority of Americans support:

  1. Allow individuals to deduct 100 percent of their health care expenses, including insurance;
  2. Strengthen and expand new avenues for affordable health care for sick Americans through high-risk pools;
  3. Expand choice and competition by allowing consumers to shop for health insurance across state lines;
  4. And create association health plans, which would allow businesses, individuals and any entity to form pools that will increase availability and allow their sheer size to negotiate lower costs for their employees or members.

I understand that these four common-sense proposals do not make up a complete solution to our nation’s health care problems. However, they are a strong foundation for a bipartisan health care reform package that will start to address the inequities inherent in the health care financing system in our country, while still allowing for additional reforms in the future to advance the health care sector.

There is a better way to improve the best health care system in the world without sacrificing our freedom and expanding the authority of the federal government. It is time to repeal Obamacare and replace it with these four sensible reforms

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