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So if drinking alcohol can raise your HDL Cholesterol, just what does that mean?  I thought this video explains cholsterol (the good, the bad, and the scary) pretty well.

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There is more incorrect information in this video than there is correct info. The cholesterol myth is exactly that–a myth that was started when drug companies began making statin drugs. Cholesterol is not the problem–lipoproteins (and only some of them) are an issue, and ultimately the inflammation certain lipoproteins cause is the real issue.

Most physicians have a very poor understanding of this, as demonstrated by the physician comments in this video. But because the makers of statin drugs make so much money, can advertise so effectively, and wield so much power, physicians will never be properly educated re: lipids unless they go out of their way to do so. This video is just another plug for the drug companies who make a fortune selling very dangerous drugs to unsuspecting physicians and patients. Just as hormone replacement therapy turned out to be a huge debacle (a huge experimentation on unsuspecting women, promulgated by physicians who were also hoodwinked), so will statin (and many other) drugs end up the same.

For those who would really like to grasp this issue, you need to understand lipoprotein profile testing. SpectraCell is a lab that has fine educational materials to elucidate this issue. I am a holistic cardiologist and I have no financial (or other) interest in SpectraCell. They simply have the best educational materials I have ever seen.

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