Video of the Week – Health Reform Hits Main Street

So ‘The Government’ character busts out a stop-watch for ‘The Doctor’ character while she treats patients as fast as she can with ‘The Congressional Budget Office’ character watching and calculating.¬† Isn’t that the truth of it!

This video has good information and while it tries to weigh the good and bad, it does leave a few decidedly bad points out.¬† One is shown but not said, which is forcing doctors to give a 5 second visit instead of the current 5 minute visit.¬† It also defends forcing people to buy private insurance because ‘it is the only say this reform would work’ taking fro granted that it infringes on our Constitutional rights.¬† The other big one was the claim¬†that by putting insurance companies into the exchange, prices will remain reasonable.¬† The problem is that by forcing insurance companies into certain rules, a lot of the small companies are going to be pushed out, so the exchange, in all likelihood, will not have enough companies to create any real competition.¬† This one is yet to be seen, so I can at least see why they left it out, but just illustrates that they are trying to focus more on the positive than the negative.

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