Judge calls out Congress as Constitutionally Stupid

 Written by Dave Racer:

  Politicians should avoid tempting the constitution, because principled judges can make them look stupid.

 Federal Judge Roger Vinson recently overturned the new federal health care law. He did this because the mandate that would force everyone to sign up for health insurance is unconstitutional. Note that I said it is unconstitutional. Not too long from now, we will learn if the Supreme Court also understands the constitution.

 Almost two years ago I offered to be the lead plaintiff opposing the individual mandate. Thank goodness, 20 state attorneys general did this on our behalf.

 I teach the constitution. My high school students can read it and pretty much understand it. They read it in plain language, and in the context of the Founding Fathers who wrote it. But more importantly, they learn that it is a document of enumerated rights.   


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