PPACA Interactive Timeline

I like this timeline from Employee Benefit News.  I like it because it is a collapsed list.  You simply click on a subject within the timeline that interests you or might affect you to see a brief description, then you can continue to learn more.  I think this is less overwhelming than other time lines.


And remember, you might be able to get a grandfathered plan, so if you want an HSA account, act now!

2010 Grandfathered Plans

Effective Date:

  • 3/23/2010
  • Synopsis:

  • Health plans in effect on 3/23/2010 are exempt from some health care reform provisions.
  • This provision applies to new employees and family who enroll in grandfathered plan. Family members of current employees who are covered by the grandfathered plan can be added to the grandfathered plan.
  • Regarding health insurance coverage maintained pursuant to one or more collective bargaining agreements that were ratified before 3/23/2010, a plan is grandfathered until the last collective bargaining agreements relating to the coverage expire.
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