Milton Friedman – Health Care in a Free Market

I found this video because of the title  – Health Care in a Free Market.  This video touches on some interesting articles including the FDA and the AMA licensure.

At about 5 minutes he talks about the AMA trying to control medicine and at about 7 minutes there is a great question on what to do about the 20% of the population that doesn’t have health insurance.  Hey, wait – only 80% of the population had health insurance in the 70’s.  Latest reports show that 85% have insurance today (read: Is the US Really That Uninsured), so what is all this noise about the high uninsured rates?  It’s improved over time, right?

“The problem with poverty is money.” So Mr. Friedman suggest that we give the poor money to do with what they choose, rather than say they can have $x for housing and $x for health.  Let people choose.  The speaker in this video is Milton Friedman: an American economist, statistician, a professor at the University of Chicago, and the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Among scholars, he is best known for his theoretical and empirical research, especially consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy.

And if you know who Michael Moore is, you have to watch this one, too!

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Michael Moore is so… obnoxious. He never goes in depth at WHY costs are high in health care. All he does is demonize insurers (mind you – I don’t support excessive third party reliance by ANY means)/

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