Health reform in the 112th Congress—What should we do in 2011?

This article has some great comments and suggestions as it debates “tweaking Obamacare.”

“We’ve got our work cut out for us in the coming months and years. HSAs have to play a prominent role in the future of a health insurance system if it is to remain private. I’ve written on what I think is good in the legislation, along with identifying specific provisions that need to be repealed. Also, Congress should pursue certain other initiatives that were ignored, such as repealing the health insurance industry’s anti-trust exemption, allowing carrier competition across state lines, and tort reform. I’ve attached an article with more detail on what’s right about Obamacare, what’s wrong, and what needs to be added.”

 -David Edman

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The author shared some of the same view points as the CEO of MediBid, including:

So what’s missing from Obamacare? First, Obamacare placed too much emphasis on providing all Americans with health insurance coverage and not enough on fixing a broken system. We need to focus on the fundamental problems that are creating waste and inefficiency, starting with a systemwide failure to properly apply general principles of insurance to healthcare.   Insurance is meant to provide individuals with financial protection against large, unexpected losses. When used in that way, insurance works, such as in the market for automobile and fire insurance. When insurance is used to pay for smaller, routine, day-to-day expenses, insurance does not work, thereby creating an inefficient and wasteful financing mechanism.”

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