Best and Worst Bottled Water

The Environmental Working Group recommends that you drink filtered tap water because you’ll save money and reduce waste, but when you do need to buy a bottle, which one is best?

I like the “Shelf of Shame” section, myself. I never would have guessed Fiji and Aquafina to be on that list.

Download the pdf Report 

A few of the ‘grades’ you’ll find in this report by the Environmental Working Group: 

D –Pepsi’s Aquafina PurAified Drinking Water 
The label says the water “originates from public water sources” but fails to name them. The water is treated with a process called “HydRO-7™” that is not explained on the label. Only three of the 10 Aquafina labels assessed list a phone number for consumers seeking more information on water quality. Even with the phone number, obtaining a water quality report may not be possible; a company representative told EWG that water quality testing information was “proprietary.”

C –Nestlé’s Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water 
lists a number of California springs as possible sources for the products EWG assessed. The labels do not include any information on how the water is treated but do list a phone number and website for consumers seeking water quality information.

F – CG Roxane’s Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water 
lists a number of “CG Roxane Source[s]” for the water EWG obtained but offered no specific names of springs. The labels provide no information on treatment, and a third of them do not direct consumers how to get more information on water quality.

D – Coca-Cola’s Dasani Purified Water 
does not name its water source on the label, but notes that the water is treated by reverse osmosis. Six of the seven labels surveyed direct consumers to additional water quality information.

D – Nestlé’s Deer Park Natural Spring Water 
lists a number of springs in Pennsylvania, Florida, Maine, Tennessee and Maryland as possible water sources on the labels EWG assessed. No treatment method is listed and none of the labels give consumers a contact to get information on water quality.

B – Nestlé Pure Life Purified Water’s label indicates that the source is either “deep protected wells” in Florida, Michigan or California or the public water supplies of specified cities in Pennsylvania, Colorado or Florida. The water is treated either by reverse osmosis or distillation, and all the labels include contact information for consumers seeking additional information on water quality.   







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