$230 Billion or $0 to Repeal?

So the CBO says repeal of the health care reform Bill will cost $230 billion, and the Heritage Foundation says it won’t cost anything. My take on it? If the ones behind Obamacare would just surrender now, it won’t cost anything, but if it goes to court, it will cost something. Probably not billions, but something. 

The difference here is that the CBO says repealing will increase the deficit becuase without Obamacare the deficit will continue to rise.  The Heritage Foundation argues that Obamacare will increase the deficit, not reduce it. 

CBO: Republicans are proposing to repeal healthcare reform without offsetting the costs. They argue that the CBO’s estimates of cost-savings under the law are based on “accounting gimmickry” in part because several of the law’s fees and taxes start several years before Americans become eligible for insurance subsidies, starting in 2014.


Heritage Foundation:Though the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that the health law would create $124 billion in savings, the CBO is required to make unlikely assumptions and disregard budget gimmicks included in the legislation. Taking this into account causes the cost of Obamacare to skyrocket.  First, Obamacare does not include the “doc fix” to prevent an automatic cut to physicians’ reimbursement rates under Medicare…  Obamacare also includes billions in double-counted savings. Over the next decade, Obamacare includes $529 billion in cuts to Medicare and $70 billion in revenue from the new CLASS program.

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