Why the Obama Health Plan is Not Entitlement Reform

Here is a very lengthy article about MediCare and Obamacare.  It is worth reading through.  There are some well-checked facts and data presented, plus some visual aides.  We have to get it in our heads that forced insurance is not going to give us any extra entitlements.

So…  set aside some time to read this and share it.  It’s a pdf file.  Here is my favorite excerpt:

“The Obama administration believes that a top-down, governmental process is the answer, and that the government can use Medicare’s market dominance to leverage a more efficient health sector nationwide.   But there is nearly half a century of experience with the Medicare program indicating that confidence in “government-engineered” efficiency improvement is entirely misplaced. “

by Jim Capretta — Why the Obama Health Plan Is Not Entitlement Reform


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