So, what was wrong with “Healthcare” to start with?

Let’s start by understanding that “healthcare” means the medical treatment of YOU, and the payment for that medical care by way of a health plan, or self financing. A more accurate term would be: “The Healthcare System”.

There was a LOT wrong with it, and the healthcare reform act has taken the worst parts of it and made them worse, while destroying the best parts and making it all more expensive.

First of all there were a lot of people that did not purchase a healthcare financing plan mostly because they thought it was expensive, and not a good value (Symptom). A healthcare financing plan was expensive because medical care is expensive. (problem). Medical care is expensive, because 14,193 medical procedures have been price fixed my the Ceneter for Medicare Services (CMS) (Cause of problem).

If we treat symptoms of a problem, the problem still exists. If we address the problem itself, then the problem may be temporarily reduced. It is ONLY if we address the root cause of the problem, that we can solve it for good.

Again, the price fixing by the government manipulates the supply and demand curve, and this is the cause of the problem of medical care being expensive, which causes healthcare financing to be expensive, and the symptoms of that is that many people go without a “health plan”

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In Canada, health care expenditures account for almost 43% of provincial budgets. Now, under the guise of reducing health care costs, our politicians are trying to expand the existing price controls on medically necessary services to include generic drugs. Their political promises do much in the short term for their political careers but it is Canadian patients who experience the long term consequences of government interference with the supply and demand of medical care.

My home province of Saskatchewan has a population of just over one million people and there are currently 28,188 patients waiting on lists for surgery. I shudder to think how many will soon be waiting on lists for generic drugs.

All of the above is true. The fundamental problem is someone else other than ourselves pays for health care whether it be government or other third party payers.
We must pay directly for most health care ourselves at a price that is mutually agreeable between the doctor and hospital without price fixing from third parties such as the AMA and their artificial CPT codes.

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