Six Months (and counting) of Health Reform: Deloitte Report

I always like the publications of Deloitte.  The Lessons here break down the phases of Health Reform by year and what health care providers need to focus on during each phase.  Example: Lesson 3 – Make sure everyone is singing from the same songbook, meaning communicate with all players involved and educate them so that everything runs smoothly.

If you are involved in providing medical care in ANY way, shape, or form… READ THE WHITE PAPER AT THE BOTTOM.  It isn’t very long, but gives you some guidelines for mental preparation for the reform.

Six Months and Counting

The health reform clock started ticking on March 23, 2010, and statutory and regulatory changes will continue through 2018 and beyond, with various provisions becoming effective at different times. Throughout this period, health plans will need to respond to imminent requirements as well as make important strategic choices, and plan for and implement substantial changes to their businesses.

For most health plans, the first 180 days were a sprint to comply with the more than 16 provisions with immediate and early effective dates. Major activities included:

  • Identifying and confirming the provisions and time lines in the health reform legislation that applied to them
  • Setting up a project management office to respond to reform and track compliance
  • Gathering and understanding the implications of the statute and new regulations as they were published
  • Defining and implementing the changes necessary to comply with the immediate and early effective date provisions

These activities required a significant coordinated effort and communications across every functional area of plan operations.

As the initial implementation flurry has slowed, health plans are now focused on requirements taking effect over the next few years as well as on the critical longer-term strategic planning efforts required to be effective post-reform.

This point of view explores five key lessons health plans can learn from their experience in responding to the initial phase of health reform legislation. Each of these lessons should be considered as health plans move to address upcoming requirements as well as the more strategic questions that will ultimately define their value proposition and future competitive positioning.

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