Shona Holmes

Americans For Prosperity just started running a commercial featuring Shona Holmes, a Canadian patient thrust into the spotlight over government run health care.  What I find amusing is the number of people who comment on articles and videos featuring her with very hateful remarks, swearing and cursing at her.  Those comments are why more people aren’t stepping forward.  If we want to have a debate in this country about health care, bring it on, but leave the curse words at home.  If you aren’t mature enough to have an adult discussion on the subject, well, you were probably brain washed long ago, which is tragic.  I saw her commercial on TV and ran to grab a pen and paper to note who put the commercial on to share this with you.

Shona went to the Mayo Clinic in 2005 for a surgery, which she believed to be life threatening, that she would have waited months for in Canada.  She didn’t believe she would live that long.

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Good for Shona for speaking up! She speaks the truth. She said it may take a year to get in with a specialist but when I was working in Canada as a specialist, I knew several that had two year waiting lists.

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