Doctors say Medicare cuts force painful decision about elderly patients

Financial concerns also prompted Weinsteins group to turn down a request from Chester River Hospital Center in Chestertown, Md., an hours drive north, to do daily consultations with their mainly elderly patients.

That was disheartening news for the doctor who is currently consulting at Chester River. At 69, David Knutson is semi-retired and said he is satisfied with the payments he has been getting from Medicare. But Knutson grew animated as he spoke of all the ways he would use his time if he could find another doctor to take over coming into the hospital six days a week.

“Gardening, sailing, fishing, hunting, going to the opera,” he said. “Im almost 70. If Im ever going to do all these things that Ive been talking about I better start.”

via Doctors say Medicare cuts force painful decision about elderly patients.

The simple fact of the matter is that Medicare has been over extended for a long time and seniors are going to have to be prepared for not having Medicare available. This will be especially difficult on the poor seniors for whom this program was intended.

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