Disparity in Health Care Costs Between States is a Problem not Addressed by Health Care Law

This is what we keep saying, if people would be allowed to shop across state lines for health insurance, they could get an affordable plan that suits them perfectly.  Some states already allow pre-existing conditions and simply won’t pay for those treatments for a year or two.  Some states have cheaper plans but don’t allow any fertility prescriptions withing the past 2 years.  Some states have plans allowing higher deductibles.  Other states keep rates down by not covering chiropractic care, while some states cover it with a co-pay.  There are just so many options that we can’t get to.

From CDHC Solutions Magazine:

CDHC Solutions Magazine

Part of the “What I Learned Reading CDHC Solutions” series: A recent survey by United Benefit Advisors points out how the average annual cost (AAV) per employee can vary greatly from state to state. For instance, there are five states whose AAC is over $10,000 per employee, and four states that have an AAC under $7,000. This disparity illustrates how difficult it will be for the Health Care Law to mandate coverage on a national scale, especially for companies that have employees in more than one location.

Yet another reason why the health care bill is a complete and utter failure. The federal government cannot just wave a magic wand and suddenly everyone has health care. It is not nearly that simple. Each state has its own rules for health providers and its own insurance commissioner that regulates the industry. These differences could have been addressed in a simpler, regulatory style bill that made it possible for people to purchase insurance across state lines, but the actual health care law has given us nationally mandated coverage while failing to make it possible to acquire coverage from a state other than your own. Yet more proof that the health care law is just a device meant to force everyone into government provided health care through its exchange.

Read more about the survey: http://www.cdhcsolutionsmag.com//SITEFORUM?&t=/Default/gateway&i=1188405849871&b=1188405849871&e=UTF-8&application=story&elementID=1288191990175

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