Dental Requests Increase in Popularity

In the first few months after MediBid opened to the public, orthopedic surgery requests were the most requested item, as was expected by the MediBid team.  But when the summer began, primary care requests were the number one pick for Seekers in the MediBid system. 

On one day, there were 18 open requests for on MediBid for primary care.  Now that summer is over, dermatology requests have been picking up in the marketplace, but they haven’t made it into the top 5 yet. In fact, dental requests have now bumped orthopedic and primary care requests down from their top spots. Primary care is still holding as the second most popular, followed closely by cosmetic procedure requests in third.  Orthopedic requests have now dropped to the fourth most popular request on

“This is largely due to awareness,” commented Ralph Weber, MediBid founder and CEO.  “When we talk about different procedures that are available, the traffic moves in that direction.” offers patients a choice of doctors in a wide range of specialties.  It is likely that the popularity of one area of specialty over another is likely to change regularly.  However, more people have health insurance than dental insurance in America, so dental requests may continue to be popular on MediBid.

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