Obamacare Deprives Unborn Babies of Their Doctor

If you do an Internet search for “doctor’s office closed,” you’ll find millions of resutls, more than 82,000,000 on Google.  This article I found may not be the hottest ticket on the list, but it got my attention because it went for the emotion of the public – pregnant women, due dates looming, and no doctor.

Over the summer, a doctor in Connecticut had to close his office due to financial reasons.  As this article mentions, the doctor simply couldn’t continue to fund his practice.  Yes, you read that right – the doctor was providing the finances for his practice because reimbursement rates were cut too far below actual cost for him to keep his doors open any longer.  He stayed on call over the weekend for his patients, and kept the office ‘open’ for a few more months for patients to gather their records and also to give referrals, but those families still must have felt devastated. 

This is what Obamacare is doing to our country.  Here’s a spin for you: Obamacare deprives unborn babies of their doctor.  Sure, another hospital stepped up and helped out, but pretty soon the hospitals are not going to be able to handle the load.  Remember the rising rate of waiting room times?  In case you ever wondered how waiting lists began in Canada, it happened just like this –


NBC Connecticut Image
Unborn babies will need to find a new doctor, and fast

From NBC News, written by Amanda Raus:

Laura Wojcik’s little girl, Elizabeth, is due Saturday. So imagine her surprise when she learned she’d have to find another doctor for the delivery and find one in just one day. “I was pretty upset because I love going here and everything. They’re good doctors, and then I had to change,” said Wojcik.

 A doctor from the Norwich OB-GYN Group will be on call this weekend, but inside the office, the waiting room is empty, and there are no doctors in the exam rooms. The office stopped taking patients Thursday when it decided it could no longer meet the financial demands of running the practice.
“We’ve had a reduction in reimbursement from the state-funded insurances, because the budget situation, things had slowed down, so April, May were very slow, and June continued to be slow,” said Bernadette Grecki, the practice administrator.
Add to that the payments from the largest state-funded insurance provider wouldn’t be arriving till July, and the office says it had no choice but to close.
“It was too much for the doctor. He realized he couldn’t keep funding the practice,” said Grecki.
The group says it is working with other OB-GYN’s in the area to accommodate patients, and the files of pregnant patients who are at 32 weeks or more have already been transferred to Backus Hospital, so doctors will be prepared when the women go into labor.
“We’ll be able to provide them the care that they need, being able to take a look at their medical history, assess any special needs they may have,” said Keith Fontaine, Chief Communications Officer at Backus Hospital.
Even though the office isn’t seeing patients, it will be open for the next three months with staff available to answer any patient questions, give referrals and to make sure patients have access to their records.

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Doctors closing shop is going to be a growing trend. 45% of doctors are predicted to leave the profession under Obamacare. With 34 million new insured, the result will be waiting lists and scarcity of access to medical care.

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