Insurers Pin Rate Hikes on Health Law –

Insurers Pin Rate Hikes on Health Law –

As insurers are faced to pay more and more claims, more of these claims will be uninsurable things. Things like doctors’ visits cannot be insured against because they can be anticipated for individuals (vs. heart attacks which may or may not happen to any given individual… though we can see who has higher risk). When insurance pays for doctors’ visits, they cease to be an insurer and become, instead, a sort of savings plan. You know you’re going to see the doctor, and if your insurance covers doctors’ visits, you better believe your premium will include the cost of paying for those visits (it will also include the administrative costs of dealing with that claim).

As insurance policies become glorified savings accounts, now is as good a time as any to start saving yourself and use MediBid. Cut out the middle man!

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