California limits HMO wait times – Los Angeles Times

California limits HMO wait times – Los Angeles Times.

Of course, if your doctor is working for you and not for the HMO, they will see you right away!

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How do you possibly “mandate” access to resources. The resources are either there or they are not.
The National Health Services was “mandated” by government that people would not have to wait for more than four hours to be seen in an Emergency Department. The law did not magically produce resources but it did cause hospitals to modify their behavior. Once there is four hours worth of patients in the waiting room, no one else is allowed entry into the hospital. Ambulances are left waiting outside not allowed to bring their patients in.
It is moronic to think that by writing laws, resources will magically appear. Freely functioning markets produce resources not politicians writing silly mandates.

I completely agree with you. The law is obviously a reaction to what appears to be a standard feature of HMOs in California. I have seen a lot of people have to wait long times for care or have to get surgeries done at inconvenient time because they are on their work HMO. This is not only a lousy law, but it’s a sign of the inadequacy of health insurance in the current regulatory scheme (and it doesn’t help that people aren’t able to pick their own health insurance, but get stuck with the one their employer chooses).

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