Munk Debate 2010: Where would you rather get sick? – The US or Canada?

“The Question: Be it resolved that I would rather get sick in the United States than Canada”
Munk Debate 2010: Where would you rather get sick? – The Globe and Mail.

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As a Canadian physician, living and working in the United States, it is a slum-dunk that I would rather be sick in the United States than Canada. In fact, I have been hospitalized a few times with kidney stones and received prompt quality care in America. I shudder at the thought that if I had been in Canada,
I may have had to wait weeks or months for ureteric stenting and lithotripsy whereas I have had both of these procedures within one day of getting sick.
As far as social inequities, it is a fantasy that they do not occur in Canada. Those with connections get better faster care in Canada than those without.
The claim that Canadian care is more efficient is nonsense. The problems in both health care systems are due to their statist nature. Having said that there is a larger component of markets in the United States. Indeed, markets are messy and disorganized but from that disorder arises order, abundance and wealth. Look at any other market, transportation, computers, electronics, etc. Indeed they are messy and disorganized but look at the abundance that they produce with rising quality and dropping costs. No one is in charge and it works just fine. The Soviet Union tried to create order to these types of things and look at the result; impoverishment. This is the mistake that both Canada and the US makes in health care. They are trying to centrally plan it and major dysfunction is the result.

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