Washington Memo – Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers – NYTimes.com

Washington Memo – Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers – NYTimes.com.

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The article brilliantly demonstrates the fallacy of central control of the economy or society in general for that matter. Whenever a central authority imposes rigid rules on society, it is impossible to figure out the unintended consequences because the world is so fantastically complicated. This is basically why the Soviet economy collapsed. Thirty million Soviet bureaucrats cannot run a country with a positive outcome. Free societies and free markets work because individuals make decisions for themselves that work in their favor. Transactions occur to mutual advantage. Billions of such transactions result in prosperity. Nobody can really “run” this. It must run itself. Society works best with just a few basic rules against harming one another.
The hubris of congress is that they can come up with thousands of pages of rules and believe that it will make society function better. The idea is preposterous. Perhaps them overlooking how this directly harms themselves will be a wake-up call that they are not smart enough to run the world but that the world needs to be allowed to run itself. Unfortunately, I doubt that they will be that smart.

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