Patient Privacy 2

I really value my privacy. I belong to a credit monitoring service, to protect my credit, but I value my health information even more.

If someone steels my financial identity, they can get credit cards and loans in my name, and destroy my good credit for a few years. But what could they do if they steel my health identity? Have you ever thought about it? Could they apply for insurance in your name? Maybe, or maybe not, but think about what kind of power an entity would have if they got a hold of all your personal health information. Think of the magnitude of financial power they would have.

For example, if there were a lot of cases of HIV in a zip, and the entity who knew that had the power to decide what kind of medical care or medicine was given out in that area! Or, if there were a lot of hip replacements, or knee replacements. What if there we infectious diseases in an area, or high cancer rates. Don’t you think that whoever owned that data could exercise great power over the people?

It’s one thing if a dozen or so insurance companies control that data, because they are still competing with each other, so they won’t likely have all the data, nor the might to use it for bad intent. But what if the government has all of that. Hey, I even think the census questions are too personal, imagine of the government had that data on all of us! Would they use it to manipulate elections? Would they use it to win votes, or ration healthcare?

Think about it.

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