America Will Survive ObamaCare –

America Will Survive ObamaCare –

U.S. demographics and politics do not favor a leftward march. The Millennial Generation (those between 18 and 29) loved Obama and voted for him by a 2-to-1 margin. They saw Obama as cool, and why not? But it was all image and perception. That passion was so 2008, a one-time event before ObamaCare, which will force healthy Millennials to overpay for their health insurance by $300 or so a month. The Millennials have a libertarian streak and will hate this. Massive student loan subsides will partially offset their dismay, but if Obama merely breaks even with the Millennial vote in 2012, he’s a one-termer.


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This is a good article and if the author’s insights are correct, bodes well for the future. Capitalism is a relentless force based on the individual’s desire to better his lot in life by voluntarily trading with others under mutually acceptable terms. It is bizarre that some people see immorality in this. Medibid is a facilitator of this despite Obama’s desire to destroy free trade of medical goods and services.

I think that some people misinterpret “All men were created equal”, to mean “All men were created equal, and the government must make them remain so even if they are too dumb or lazy to do so on their own.”

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