AMA hopes to silence angry doctors from educating their patients:

From AMA evoice:

Physicians’ political communications
As the debate about health system reform continues, physicians might reflect on how to properly balance their obligations as members of the medical profession with their rights as individual citizens who will be affected by reform. In particular, physicians may wonder whether it is appropriate to express political views to patients or their families.
The AMA supports the right of physicians to free political speech and encourages them to exercise the full scope of their political rights as citizens. However, physicians should conduct political communications with sensitivity to patients’ vulnerability and desire for privacy.
According to the AMA’s Code of Medical Ethics, physicians must ensure that patient health is not jeopardized and that patient care is not compromised by a physician’s engagement in advocacy efforts or by the physician’s political differences with patients or their families. In the current political climate, physicians must remain mindful that as members of the medical profession their responsibility is first and foremost to patients.

Author’s note:
Sounds to me like the MD’s in the AMA’s leadership have violated their medical ethics for political gains.

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AMA is completely disconnected much like Washington. It only represents about 18% of doctors. It used to represent me until recently. The way the bylaws are written, you don’t vote for the board of directors or the president. Instead, if you belong to another organization AND the AMA, then your other organization, can either appoint or elect one more representatives to the AMA. These representatives then vote for the board and the board then votes for the president. So, pay off 12 board members and one president and you have your 13 pieces of silver right there. Hopefully when they lose their membership and AAPS sucks up all the doctors who want to be represented the AMA will fade away to a historical reference instead.

Dr. Hassett,

Do you suppose that the AMA “supported” obamacare, clearly violating the “do no harm” rule in order to preserve their $72 million per year contract to maintain the contract with CMS to manage CPT codes?

I feel that as a patient, I have been thrown under the bus by the AMA. This new healthbill will hurt many Americans. So am I off base in thinking that the physicians who had a hand in passing this bill have jeopardized patient care?

As a doctor, it seems to me that it would be in the best interests of the patients to have their doctors inform them about how the current legislation is going to interfere with their ability to get the care that they need.

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