Physician Payment Cut & AMA eVoice Alert

This is an excerpt of an email sent by the AMA to its members yesterday.

Excerpt from AMA eVoice Alert

Subject: Congress fails to prevent April 1 cut in Medicare physician payments; yes, the cut is 21%!

Date: March 26, 2010 2:28:33 PM CDT

eVoice® Alert

March 26, 2010

Congress fails to prevent April 1 cut in Medicare physician payments
(Last paragraph of Alert is next.) “Physicians are urged to track down their representatives and senators during their spring break and hold them accountable for their inability to do what they know is right for patients and their physicians. Forty-five million Americans count on Medicare, and physicians simply cannot run viable practices in an environment with such extreme financial uncertainty. Medicine knew when Congress created the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula that it would not work, and this point has been proven every year for nearly a decade. Congress must stop playing games with physicians and patients and do what they know must be done: Repeal the SGR formula once and for all.”

Author’s note: The obamacare bill was passed based on the CBO scoring which said the bill would cost Americans a mere $940 billion, and that it would reduce the deficit by $138 billion. This scoring by the CBO was based on medicare rates being cut by 21% on April 1, 2010, and then an additional 2% per year for the next decade. Since Medicare reimbursements are already below cost in most cases, where will 54 million seniors find doctors a decade from now when they will be paid only half of the cost of providing care?

Now, the AMA, who endorsed obamacare against the wishes of most American docs, is asking the administration to increase the cost of this legislation by some $208 billion, by reversing the pay cuts planned in the bill.

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