Health bill has a public option which excludes pre-existing conditions for 5 years

Embedded deep within HR 3590 you will find a public option. Your employer may automatically enroll you in this plan on January 1, 2011. Before you agree to pay premiums, read the fine print…this public option excludes pre-existing conditions for the first 5 years

Look for yourself, download HR 3590 and flip to page 710, which talks about the CLASS plan, and then page 711 section 5 (A) (i). It seems pretty clear that no claims will be paid until you have paid premiums for 5 years. Sounds like a pre-existing limitation to me. This policy by the way would be illegal to sell by a private insurance company, lucky for the government, they don’t have to follow the law.

Health bill has a public option, after all Personal Finance Daily – MarketWatch.

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