CBC News – Health – Priority surgery wait times improve

CBC News – Health – Priority surgery wait times improve.
30% of provinces are now completing 75% of procedures within benchmark times they have set for themselves.

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Those self-imposed targets are laughable. A 6 month wait for a cardiac bypass… as a high bar for achievement… and we don’t reliably hit it.


As a Canadian physician living in the United States, why should the government have a monopoly on providing care? Especially when people are forced to wait for that care in a cumbersome bureaucratic system. If health care were not a government monopoly,there would be competition to meet people’s needs. Isn’t it odd that you don’t have to wait for free market commodities, but you do for health care in Canada? In a truly free market, entrepreneurs would innovate to meet demand. That includes the education of medical professionals, but that is a government monopoly as well.
No doubt the American system of health care has huge problems. If you examine them carefully, invariably these problems derive from the statist nature of health care in the US, rather than its free market nature. The residual free market nature of American health care makes it the best in the world (World Health Organization socialist propaganda aside; read the study closely, for access to physicians and patient care, the US is number 1 in the world).
As far as the denial of care to the uninsured, I have been working here for eight years, and I have not seen anyone turned down for care. I saw far more denial of care in Canada that I have seen here in the U.S.

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