Bill Passes, rationing starts

It is a very sad day today. Sad because a healthcare bill was passed which will greatly increase the cost of care, reduce access and kill jobs.

The tax increases start very soon, and the Medicare cuts start in just 9 days when medicare reimbursement rates will be reduced by 21%, and 2% reduction every year for the next decade.

New provisions for insurance companies will also kick in very soon, which will cause an almost immediate increase in premium. Provisions intended to benefit very few people.

This bill will increase the number of people traveling overseas for care almost immediately.

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If Medicare rates drop by 21%, how will doctors and hospitals react? Presumably many will stop seeing Medicare patients, which will lead to waiting lists as those that are left try to pick up the extra workload. On the one hand it’ll be great that those who need care will eventually get it, but Americans will all pay through higher taxes and longer wait times. I question whether the Medicare system can cope with the volume and the cost.

Time to buy health insurance and start saving.

According to the bill as passed tonight and the scoring of the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), Medicare reimbursement rates will be reduced by 21% on April 1, 2010, and will see annual reductions of 2% for the next decade. Current Medicare rates are supposed to represent true costs less 10%, yet rates per enrollee and administrate costs on Medicare are higher than any other program.

Cut providers to rates that are one third less than provision of care and you’re basically enslaving the population.

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