We don’t need change, we need solutions!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we don’t need change when it comes to healthcare, we need solutions!

Professional politicians in Washington, and in Sacramento seem to be operating in bubbles in which their interns bring them clips from commercial media sources on symptoms of problems in the healthcare system. They in-turn write thousand plus page bills on how to address some of the symptoms. Politicians tend to think that “there ought to be a law” to address symptoms. The problem is that when you address symptoms, you don’t solve the problem, you just make it worse, my masking symptoms.

Let me explain what I mean… If you had a brain tumor that was causing migraines and were subscribed Tylenol, what would happen? Well, if you don’t have headache symptoms, you won’t keep getting tested until you find the problem, so in short, it will get worse.

When a drug manufacturer advertises a new drug, they are forced to talk about all of the potential side effects. I think that when Professional politicians start writing bills, there ought to be a law that forces them to talk about all of the possible side effects.

So lets not stop talking about healthcare reform, lets start talking about real solutions, not change.

When people, not professional politicians, talk about healthcare, what are the problems that they identify with it? Is it bad doctors, is it the number of uninsured, is it the covered treatments that they don’t like?

I think that it is fair to say that healthcare coverage is expensive, and also a lot of people go without coverage. I also think that if we address the first problem, a lot of the second problem will go away. I’m not saying these are all of the problems, I am saying that if we solve these 2 issues, then we have taken care of 65% ot 75% of the problems.

If you agree, then let me know by commenting, and I will discuss a few easy solutions.

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