The Problems with “healthcare”

There are 3 parts of healthcare; cost, access, and coverage, and each needs to be addressed.

In Canada over 95% of their legal residents have coverage, but 17% don’t have access. The cost is relatively high for the quality of care, but the “cost” in terms of the payment that needs to me made if you can access healthcare is zero at the time, since you have already paid for it in high taxes.

In the US, cost is a big issue, access is not a big problem, and coverage is not too bad (85%). If we address the issue of cost, then more will get coverage.

If 15% of the population did not have cars, and the professional politicians made a law that everyone must purchase a car, they’d first have to define a car. They might exclude bikes, and 3 wheelers, and they might say it has to have 4 doors, or an engine larger than 1000cc. All of these mandates would cause the costs to rise. What if the professional politicians made a law that said that car makers could not make more than 2% profit, or that they could not charge more than $25,000 for a certain car? Maybe car makers would use low quality materials to cut costs, and become fiscally inefficient so that their financial waste would keep their profit under 2%.

Will this improve maters?


So, how can we find solutions, and where do they come from?

Will professional politicians fix the problem? Will insurance companies? Will doctors?

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