What’s next in Healthcare reform?

With healthcare reform no longer proceeding through the senate at MachII, we need to make the reforms necessary for sustainable solutions in healthcare. We don’t need change, we need solutions.

First, we need to restore the patient/physician relationship. Without that, we won’t have effective, sustainable reform. Studies show that quality and value of care increases when this occurs. This relationship also significantly impacts tort reform.

Doctors, not a third party, need to define the medical product, and its price. When prices and parameters of care are set by a third party, the physician and patient answer to that third party.

Transparency in pricing, and discussion of treatment options are needed. The smoke and mirrors of medical pricing increases administrative costs, and complicates choices for the patient. These principles empower patients to become partners in cost control, and increase competition, driving down costs.

The principles of insurance need to be restored to healthplans. Insurance is meant to cover unexpected costs, not anticipated expenses.

Effective Tort reform is necessary to reduce defensive medicine and malpractice insurance costs.

Ultimately, it will be American business that solves American problems, not a government disconnected from its people.

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The third party payment system both here in America and in countries like Canada, is the fundamental problem causing health care inflation. We need to put patients in control of the dollars spent on most of their health care; not big insurance companies and not government. That does not preclude the role of insurance in appropriate circumstances. Large unexpected costs should be covered by insurance. A few years ago, I had 30,000 dollars damage to my roof in a bad storm. My homeowners insurance covered it. The same insurance plan does not cover routine expenses like floor wax and lawn maintenance. If it did, homeowners insurance would be astronomically expensive just as most health insurance is today.

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