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Increasing demands for information, third-party payer oversight, and expanded government involvement are just a few of the factors that are forcing physicians to transform the way they interact with patients. A recent report from Deloitte estimated that by 2017 between $228 billion and $599.5 billion per year will be taken out of the US medical economy because of medical tourism. Quality, choice, privacy and value are the watchwords for the future. Physicians that heed these words will thrive. Those that don’t will be owned by the third-party payer system.
The reality is that there will be two types of physicians in the future: busy physicians and smart physicians.
Busy physicians will see 150 patients a day in order to pay the bills. They will practice medicine the way third-party payers dictate. They will become prescription-writers and will not have the luxury of knowing their patients by name.
Smart physicians will re-define the practice of medicine. These modern doctors will leverage technology while interacting with patients the way that the famous TV character Dr. Marcus Welby did. They will define their practices clearly, describe the services they offer, and market themselves directly using venues such as Their practices will benefit from referrals because they know their patients by name and can spend more than five-minutes on a consult.
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About Ralph Weber
Ralph Weber is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, and Registered Employee Benefits Consultant who has contributed health reform policy for politicians including Rudy Giuliani and Mike Villines. Mr. Weber has designed health plans and insurance products both in Canada and the United States and owns a TPA (Third Party Administrator) that administers self-funded health plans in the US and Canada.
Born in Canada, Mr. Weber also lived in Germany, Thailand and Nepal. He immigrated to the United States in 2005 because he was no longer willing to allow his family members to be victimized by the Canadian socialized health care system.
Mr. Weber has given dozens of radio and television interviews about healthcare reform. He has participated in three forums at the California Republican party, one of them with Presidential hopeful, Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Weber was a featured presenter at the Million Dollar Round Table on Critical Insurance and has had 15 articles published on health reform, critical illness insurance, and Medicare administrative costs. Having analyzed relative profitability of various third party payers, Mr. Weber has helped many physicians to adapt their practices to become “free market clinics.”

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