Mayo Clinic no longer accepting Medicare Patients

Smart about just reported today that the Mayo Clinic in Arizona will stop accepting medicare patients as of tomorrow January 4th 2010.

Evidently the Arizona Mayo Clinic has 3,000 medicare patients, who will have to find a new clinic or doctor.

The Mayo Clinic evidently warned the administration of this some months ago, but the government is itent on coverage for all. As a former Canadian myself, I know first hand the difference between “coverage” and “Access”. It was “coverage” which nearly cripled my wife, and “access” which allowed her to get the surgery she needed to help her to walk comfortably again.

MediBid’s mission is to restore the patient/doctor relationship, and grant universal access, as well as real choice in medicine.

Once you register as a seeker (or patient), and make a request for medical care, doctors from the US and Canada (and around the world) are eligible to post a bid, or quote on provision of your procedure.

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