Affecting the COST of medical care

How does the current house or senate proposal address costs?

It really doesn’t. It cuts reimbursements and coverage for Medicare, but other than rationing, there is nothing which reduces costs.

As long as people are only paying a $25 co-pay, or 20% of the cost, up to a stated maximum, there is little incentive to controll, or to even UNDERSTAND the costs.

MediBid is different, because it gets right to the HEART of the “healthcare crisis”. When you post your needs for care, and let doctors and hospitals compete for your care, it is the market that drives the cost of care. When prices are set by a third party, the providers often feel they are too low, and conduct extra tests, the payers often feel cheated, and the users are insulated from the costs.

The best part is that you usually do not need to engage in medical tourism in order to save costs.

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